Reaping Success with Multicultural Marketing

If you were house-hunting, how important would characteristics like the number in the address or a stairway oriented towards the front door be for you? If they could make or break the deal then you are like the many residents of Artesia Square who positively responded to MBK’s culturally specific designs and marketing. As Teresa Burney explains in Feng Shui Focus, developer MBK quickly filled units in their work/live development in large part because they modified units and shaped their marketing to explicitly appeal to Asian buyers. Actions MBK took included modifying floor plans to align with the principles of Feng Shui, removing the number 4 from addresses for its similarity to the Chinese word for death, and hiring associates fluent in languages such as Korean and Cantonese. Will the prevalence of multicultural marketing like this grow? It seems to have worked well for the Franklin 88 condos located near Oakland’s Chinatown, and is akin to the strategies developers employ to lure Gen Y renters, so I suspect it will. Your thoughts?


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