Derek W. Braun, Senior Associate

Derek Braun has wide-ranging experience in the analysis of market opportunities and demand, employment and industry trends, the economic and fiscal impacts of development, and implementation and public financing strategies for area plans. Mr. Braun’s market analysis expertise includes the assessment of how transit corridors re-shape market demand at the station area, corridor-wide, and regional scales – providing insight into how public policy can leverage transit-oriented development opportunities.

Mr. Braun’s market work includes housing, retail, and office strategy recommendations based on socioeconomic and real estate trends in diverse contexts, from Lansing, Michigan to neighborhoods in Long Beach, California and the entire island of Oahu. Mr. Braun’s focus on transit-oriented development opportunities includes work assessing the area-wide development potential enabled by a streetcar in Pasadena, California, development impacts of a new rail line in Honolulu, and the conversion of a suburban center to a transit-connected, walkable downtown near the Fremont, California BART station. Additionally, he has conducted industry analyses to guide a number of General Plan updates and economic development strategies in California, and completed fiscal and economic impact analyses for property development proposals and large plan areas.

Mr. Braun holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Southern California, with a concentration in Economic Development. Mr. Braun also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Case Western Reserve University.

Contact Mr. Braun:

(510) 647-5291, ext. 112

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