Emily Heard, Associate

Emily Heard focuses on the connection between transportation design and investment and development patterns, both locally and on a regional scale.

Ms. Heard’s recent project work includes implementation planning for Priority Development Areas in the Bay Area, specific plan development for TOD along BART corridors, and comparative analysis of development fees impact on development potential. Ms. Heard also contributed to a study on the dynamics of naturally occurring workforce housing near transit stations, which will inform affordable housing acquisition tools.

Before joining Strategic Economics, Ms. Heard worked on creating tools to target development around catalytic transit investments on Long Island; community planning around transit investments in New Jersey; did pedestrian planning in New York City; and worked on TOD implementation in suburban Chicago around Metra stations. She also studied the relationship between fixed rail transit infrastructure expansion and shifts in population and employment using spatial and statistical analysis.

Ms. Heard holds a Master’s of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University, where she focused on transportation and land use, and regional planning. Before her graduate studies, she completed the Great Books Program at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM.

Contact Ms. Heard:

(510) 647 5291, ext. 117


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