Our Work

Strategic Economics’ work products facilitate decision making in areas ranging from public policy to project investments. We work for regional and federal governments and private clients on a wide range of projects.

Our Expertise

  • Real estate market analysis
  • Fiscal and economic impact analysis
  • General plan support
  • Retail market strategies
  • Corridor, neighborhood and downtown revitalization
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Economic development strategies
  • Development feasibility analysis
  • Public financing and implementation strategies
  • Transaction support

Our Practice Areas

Transit-Oriented Development

Strategic Economics is committed to supporting high-quality equitable transit-oriented development (TOD) in residential neighborhoods, mixed-use districts, and employment areas. In this capacity, we work with developers, cities, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, housing authorities, and a wide range of community-based and philanthropic organizations. Our work focuses on every scale of TOD including individual buildings near a transit station, station areas, transit corridors, and regional transit systems. We have pioneered a methodology for estimating demand for both residential and employment-oriented TOD, completed several ground-breaking research papers on a variety of TOD related topics including value capture and TOD, and transit and economic development, and have contributed to TOD implementation across the country.
TOD Project Examples

Economic Development and Fiscal Impact Studies

Strategic Economics helps cities and regions with the preparation of strategic long-term plans focused on sustainable economic growth and fiscal stability. We bring a unique approach to this work, using GIS to provide a spatial understanding of business and household dynamics within a region, and highlighting the relationship between land use patterns and fiscal health. The firm has extensive experience providing economic development and market, and fiscal analysis services that leverage an area’s existing strengths to catalyze revitalization or attract new development.
ED and Fiscal Impact Project Examples

Market Analysis and Development Feasibility

Strategic Economics has extensive experience in real estate market and financial feasibility analysis, ranging from detailed evaluations of proposed development projects to planning-level analysis intended to base planning and policy studies in reality. This work provides our clients with the critical information they need to make decisions and advance development projects. Our work also informs cities’ policy decisions to ensure that plans and zoning ordinances work with the market, not against it. Our developer solicitation work attracts highly qualified developers and ensures there is a good fit between their experience and the public’s objectives for development.
Market Analysis and Development Feasibility Project Examples

Public/Private Financing and Infrastructure

Financing the many types of public improvements needed to support in-fill and transit-oriented development is a major challenge nationwide. Strategic Economics assists local governments, community groups, foundations, financial institutions and federal agencies strategize to overcome this challenge. We help clients identify and implement the innovative funding tools and financing strategies that are best suited to a given project’s particular infrastructure needs and market context. Potential funding and financing mechanisms we consider include assessment or special tax districts, impact fees, tax increment finance, transactional fees, parking fee revenues via parking management districts, and public/private partnerships. We assist clients in their use and development of funding tools and strategies for affordable housing and transit, and for the economic growth and small business support programs that are key to achieving smart growth and equity goals.
Financing and Infrastructure Project Examples

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